Note – due to ministry changes for high school students only residents of Delta and *FULL TIME * Delta School District students are eligible to take  Delta Access courses.  Grads/Students not in high school remain eligible if they are a BC resident



Secondary School Courses Available Online

For information on course curriculum please view the ministry site –

Outlines for new curriculum will be added as they are available

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Applied Skills

Accounting 11 (Course Outline)
Family Studies – Interpersonal and Family Relationships 11 (Course Outline)
Family Studies – Child Development and Caregiving 12  (Course Outline)
Food Studies 11 (Course Outline)
Food Studies 12 (Course Outline)
Physical Education 10  (Course Outline)
Active Living 11/12 (Course Outline)
Career Life Education  (Course Outline)
Career Life Connections and Capstone (4 credit)  (Course Outline)
Tourism 11  (Course Outline)
Entrepreneurship 12 *New* (Course Outline)
Fashion Industry 12 *New*


English 10 (New Media and Spoken Language) (Course Outline)
English First Peoples 10 *New* (Course Outline)
English Language Arts 11 (Course Outline)
  •  Students will enroll in a General ELA 11 course.  Once in the course the exact discipline will be selected based on course and project work. 

ELA course options are:

Composition 11

Creative Writing 11

Literary Studies 11

New Media 11

Spoken Language 11

English Studies 12 (Course Outline)
English First Peoples 12 *New* (Course Outline)


Workplace Mathematics 10 (Course Outline)
Math 10 Foundations and Pre Calculus  (Course Outline)
Workplace Math 11  (Course Outline)
Math 11 Foundations (Course Outline)
Math 11 Pre Calculus (Course Outline)
Math 12 Apprenticeship (Course Outline)
Math 12 Foundations (Course Outline)
Math 12 Pre Calculus  (Course Outline)
Calculus 12 (Course Outline)

Modern Languages

French 10 (Course Outline)
French 11 (Course Outline)
French 12 (Course Outline)
Introductory Spanish 11 (Course Outline) – Coming Late Spring
Spanish 11 (Course Outline) – Coming Fall 2024
Spanish 12 (Course Outline) – Coming Fall 2024


Science 10 (Course Outline)
Biology – Life Sciences 11  (Course Outline)
Biology – Anatomy and Physiology 12 (Course Outline)
Chemistry 11 (Course Outline)
Chemistry 12 (Course Outline)
Earth Sciences 11 (Course Outline)
Physics 11 (Course Outline)
Physics 12 (Course Outline)
Science for Citizens 11 (formerly Science and Technology) (Course Outline)

Socials Studies

Socials Studies 10 (Course Outline)
Explorations in Social Studies 11 (Course Outline)

Grade 12

Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12 *New*  (Course Outline)
20th Century World History 12 (Course Outline)
Physical Geography 12  (Course Outline)
Law Studies 12 (Course Outline)
Philosophy 12 (Course Outline)
Psychology 11(elective – does not fulfill SS graduation requirement) (Course Outline)
Psychology 12 (elective – does not fulfill SS graduation requirement) (Course Outline)
Social Justice 12 (Course Outline)