Our Program

Student Eligibility

Delta Access for high school students (gr 10-12 courses)

Eligibility for a District Online Learning School (DOLS) to enroll a student is dependent upon the student’s residence (Delta postal code) or full time attendance at a High School in Delta.  (Can not be cross enrolled with another district)

If students are cross enrolled with another district or a Provincial Online school outside of Delta, they must take online courses with that POLS or another POLS in BC.

To find Provincial Online Learning Schools (POLS) offering your course you may visit Online Learning BC . Once you have found a suitable POLS option, please connect with the school to ask about the enrolment process. School contacts are available by clicking on the school’s name in search results.

International students are subject to a $900 non refundable tuition fee.  This is done in conjunction with school counsellors and school international liaison/coordinators.

Students who are currently in school must have consent from their school counsellor to take a course so consult them first.

Delta Access for Adults (gr 10-12 courses)

Delta Access is available to all BC Residents Adults (19+). Graduated Adults (from any jurisdiction) may be subject to a $550 non-refundable fee. Tuition Free courses are listed here

Students who are under age 19 who have not yet graduated and who do not currently attend a BC school are required to contact Delta Community College for an advising appointment to set up their graduation plan.

If you are interested in taking an online course with Delta Access, please fill out the correct registration form here.

Once your registration form has been received, within a week you will receive an email with details  and further instructions. If you have a Hotmail account, this email maybe found in your junk folder.

How long do I have to complete a Course Online?
Courses run September to early August (end date announced in May) so the earlier you begin the more time you have to complete.   Students will not be able to extend course work from one year to the next.

Important Guidelines to follow as a Delta Access Student
It is your responsibility to remain ‘Active’ in your courses. This means you should be working consistently in your courses and submitting work at least once every two weeks.

Always make sure you maintain contact with your teacher either through email or phone. If you foresee being unable to submit work for more than 2 weeks, you should email your teacher and let him or her know. That way the teacher knows that you want to remain in the course.

Course repeats are not allowed at Delta Access. If you take a course and fail it, then you can re-enroll in the course, but no upgrades of any Delta Access courses are permitted.

**If you wish to withdraw from a Delta Access course, you must notify your teacher and the program coordinator via the add/drop from in the menu above.  Withdrawal deadline vary but normally are 3 or more weeks prior to course completion in summer

**Students who withdraw from a course are not permitted to take that same course again with Delta Access for one year from the course start date.