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Testing Centres

Students wishing to write a test will have to adhere to our COVID -19 protocols (READ BEFORE SIGNING UP)

  1. Students will be required to bring and wear a mask when entering and while in the test centre
  2. Students will follow instructions on hand cleaning/sterilization upon entry
  3. Students will only use designated computer stations to ensure physical distancing
  4. Materials such a formula sheets (available on course website when applicable) , scrap paper, pencils, calculators etc will NOT be provided by testing supervisors – students must bring all materials need with them
  5. If you feel sick or have been in contact with anyone who has contracted COVID within the last 5 days as per the Fraser Health guidelines please email and cancel your appointment – (include date and location of cancelation please)

To register for password protected tests please click on the links below. Students must arrive with photo ID.  Formula sheets for Math and Science courses will NOT be provided.

Location 1

NORTH DELTA SECONDARY PORTABLE #2 – on the 114th side of the building  (some testing will be in library – look at your signup to be sure)

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Location 2

DELTA SECONDARY – Learning Centre – Located near front office

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Location 3

SOUTH DELTA SECONDARY – Room 119 Computer Lab

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If you wish to set up remote testing contact – must be a teacher, tutors/parents etc will not be accepted as supervisors.