Enrollment Policy Change for Delta student in Spring Courses

We are still not accepting student registration for course work students are presently enrolled in as per Ministry polices.  We are also not accepting students from other school districts at this time.

However with Summer School available to Delta School district students now we are accepting Delta School district students looking to take online courses above current grade level.

Before you decide you can:

a) take summer school

  • it is online but is not the same course or platform (Moodle) we use
  • it is a compressed version of the curriculum so it will not be as extensive as the Delta Access course (just covering core materials)
  • it is not a work at your own pace and teachers will be doing regular checks and requiring exact timelines for assignments

There are some other details as well – you can find all the info and conditions along with a place to sign up here – https://www.deltasd.bc.ca/programs/continuing-education/summer-school-registration/

b) take the course with Delta Access this Spring

  • this is done fully online (including remote testing where applicable)
  • it is not a paired down (or reduced) version of our course but the same one we run regularly (COVID-19 has not affected our method of delivery so except for our testing protocols, nothing has changed)
  • the courses ends Aug 5th – no extensions are granted in August as our system resets all courses
  • Discuss with your parents and counsellor if need be and decide what your best option is


  • Important – once you have begun your work with Delta Access you will not be permitted to drop our course and switch to summer school.

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