ENG 12/Comm 12 and others discontinuing for summer

A number of courses will not be part of the new curriculum implemented on Jul 1, 2019.

ENG 12, ENG 11, COMM 11, COMM 12 and Socials 11 will not be offered by Delta Access this summer.  We are no longer offering enrollment for these courses and students must have achieved the minimum amount of activity (5% of the course) by June 24th to continue and finish the course this summer.

Enrollment will not be offered after this time as we will have no course codes for the courses as they currently exist.

For Fall 2019 the courses will be replaced:

English 12 – English Studies 12

English 11 – ELA 11 – An English course that allows students to choose 1 or the 5 curricular options once taking the course

SS 11 – Explorations in Social Studies 11

Comm 11/12 – There will be no replacement for these courses

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