Social Studies

Social Studies 10 Social Studies 10 focuses on Canadian history from 1815 to 1914 (pre-World War I). Students will study the evolution of responsible government, Confederation, changing relationships of Aboriginal peoples and development of the West. This will include the impact of geographical factors, immigration, changing roles of women and families on the development of Canada. Topics include Canada’s economic activities, Canadian regional geography, resource and environmental management; global and Pacific Rim trade.

Social Studies 11 Social Studies 11 studies Canada in the 20th Century including the social, cultural, political, legal, economic, and environmental issues facing Canadians. Students will look at the Canadian and global citizenship and the standing of Canada in the world community. It looks at what defines the Canadian identity and the roles, rights, and responsibilities of citizens in a democratic society. This includes the fundamental principles of law in Canada and Canada’s regional, cultural, and ethnic diversity.

Geography 12 Geography 12 focuses on the impact of geography on social systems. This include the interrelationship of people, places, and resources: human and physical systems; resource management and resource sustainability. Student will look at local, regional, and global perspectives of environmental issues. The course is organized around themes location, place, human and physical interactions, movement, and regions and how the systems of Earth such as weather, climate, and tectonic processes effect the world we live in.

History 12 History 12 looks at modern World History from the end of World War I to the present day. It focuses on the geopolitical events, social change, economic developments, technological progress, and ideologies that have shaped the last hundred years. The rise of world powers such as the USA, USSR, and China and the downward impact of the Great Depression. The course is organizes around major eras including the interwar period; World War II, the post-war period and the the Cold War. Students will study the major features of these eras such as the effects of mass production and technological change, the nature of conflict and conflict resolution, the growth of internationalism, the changing role of the individual in society, and the changing role of women in global events.

Law 12 Law 12 focuses on the Canadian legal system. This includes the process of legal decision making and the principles of rights and freedoms, criminal law, tort law, family law, and contract law that guide the legal system. Common legal process that relate to housing, health care, work, consumer protection, credit, inheritance, motor vehicle issues, and obtaining legal assistance are covered. The course is designed to include current issues as examples within the study of the legal system.

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