Grade 12 post secondary admission mark information

If you do not intend to use your online course for post secondary admissions just keep working and have it completed by the course deadline. If you do, you need to make sure you read this.

In your welcome information and presurvey confirmation email was a link on how grading works with online


On this page are links to UBC and SFU and the expectations for Online or Distance Learning courses.

in short,
We want to be sure you have an interim mark by the UBC deadline of March 15th. So we are entering marks on March 7th to allow for this to happen.

UBC has a 50% requirement by this date so you should aim for this and both universities have a deadline of our June mark entry for completion of your course as well. Course work that extends into summer can not be used for post secondary applications Sept 2022.

At the minimum if you wish to have evidence you are taking this course to show a post secondary institution you will want to achieve the 10% activation threshold your teacher would have sent on recent progress reports. (Ask them if you do not know what that is). Otherwise you will be enrolled on Moodle but not officially on MyEd and therefore not received an interim mark.

If you have already received and interrm mark in past mark entry windows then you will jsut get an updated one unless you complete(d) then in will be a final mark.

This is all explained on the link you were sent prior to starting your course work. So if you have not reviewed yet, it would be in your best interests to do so now.

Most importantly if you have delayed starting your course, you have a few weeks to get through the 1st part of it and make sure you have an interim mark if required.

Please ask your teacher if you have question regarding your interm mark